Mourning the Loss of a Pet

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It is normal for someone to grieve the loss of a dear friend, which may be a pet in the case of some. That’s why nobody should ever tell a grieving pet owner to “get over” the death of their pet. Some people don’t understand the bond that gets forged between a pet and its owner over time. More often than not, the emotional connection gets formed from the instant they meet each other.

R Pet Urns | Quality Ceramic Pet UrnSome pet owners may find themselves grieving more deeply for their pets than they did for their friends or family members. This is sometimes unexpected and it may even lead you to think that you are not normal. In fact, it is quite normal for a person to be grief-stricken after the loss of a pet due to many reasons.

First, our pets offer us love without any terms and conditions. They are loyal, forgiving, and always happy to see us. They don’t have a hidden agenda behind their friendship. They offer us 24/7 companionship and they also might protect us and our homes. Many experts believe that the bond between pets and their owners is usually purer, stronger, and more intimate than any other bond.

One of the first steps in dealing with the pain of losing your pet is by acknowledging the fact. Holding a small memorial service with close friends and family can help you a great deal. When trying to grieve personally, make sure you allow yourself to express your feelings and emotions without suppressing them. If you opt to cremate your pet, consider purchasing one of our quality handcrafted ceramic pet urns to honor its memories. You can keep the urn within your home and slowly say goodbye in your own time.