Business Insider – What is cremation Jewelry?

Cremation Jewelry | Grateful Glass


Dying is expensive. The average cost of a funeral with burial and headstone ranges from $7,000 to $10,000.

But a less costly alternative to this traditional practice has been gaining popularity in recent years: Cremation.

For about a decade, if you had a couple thousand dollars at the minimum then “memorial diamonds” made from the carbon found in ashes were an alternative to a traditional urn. Now, a new company with a lower cost technique and greater attention to design will transform your loved one’s ashes into a treasured keepsake.

Grateful Glass

Matt Olian | Grateful Glass | Cremation Jewelry
Matt Olian – Grateful Glass

Grateful Glass was started in 2012 by 31-year-old Matthew Olian. The company offers everything from hand-blown glass pendants, rings, and cuffs to sparkling orbs and urns made with Pyrex glass and, of course, ash.

Olian got started blowing glass as a sophomore in high school after watching a documentary on famous sculptor Dale Chihuly. Soon after, Olian’s mother allowed him to set up his own small studio in their garage….>>>>>

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